We would like to wish everyone well and thank you for your patronage during these time. We have an expanded outdoor seating area now open for dine in. Please call for reservations. We are also open for Take-out and Curbside Pick-up. We have altered our hours to Monday-Saturday 11:00-9:00 and Sunday 2:00-8:00.  Please be patient we sometimes get very busy, especially on the weekends.  Thank You.

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About Our Restaurant

Cafe Assisi is not just another Italian bistro where guests can come to buy an appetizer, entree, and a glass of wine; it is a whole dining experience. When customers enter through our door they are transported back to a time when food was made with care and pride.

Assisi is a place where the influences of our ancestors can be felt all around. It is not just about food, it is the experience that dining creates for families and friends. The joy of delicious meals and good company bring people closer together and help to solidify long lasting relationships. So many restaurants have come and gone because they have forgotten this basic idea. This is where Cafe Assisi sets itself apart. We never have lost sight of this vision; we are here for more than just a profit.

We are here to develop a personality that people can relate to, a sense of nostalgia for the days when families and friends took the time out of the rat-raced society to bond around food and the dinner table. Home-style prepared dishes and a comfortable clean environment set the tone for this experience. Add to that, a friendly staff that enjoys making personalized relationships with its guests and this is what makes a restaurant memorable. Customers are no longer just a number. Food is not mass produced, but created from passed down recipes and caring hands. This is what the Cafe Assisi family is all about.

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